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We have been providing loan management solutions for over 30 years.
Our products are both flexible and adaptable, which is why over 300 lenders in the UK and Republic of Ireland use our services.

Our background

Anchor Computer Systems was incorporated in 1981. Since inception we have dealt almost exclusively with the instalment credit industry serving companies involved in both consumer and business lending. With offices in Bangor, North Wales and Birmingham, our staff have extensive knowledge of the industry we serve. Our Sentinel product is used by over 200 companies offering a diverse set of lending products from a simple personal loan through to a multi-currency mortgage. Sentinel provides a complete loan management platform from loan origination through to pay off of the Loan. Journeyman is a specialist product aimed at the home collected credit industry. As a strategic computing partner of the Consumer Credit Association we deal with over 100 companies in this particular market from sole traders through to large national companies. Our products offer links to many third parties ensuring we provide maximum efficiency and at the core of all of our developments is compliance with the latest legislation.

Our partners & providers